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Zhejiang SUPCON Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang SUPCON Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in March 1993, SUPCON is one of China's leading manufacturer and supplier of automation and information technology, products and solutions. Its automation products and solutions are applied in over 35 countries and regions worldwide. Zhejiang SUPCON Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. is an important member of the SUPCON Group. Our core products, industrial process control valves (Globe Valve, Ball Valve, Eccentric Rotary Valve and Butterfly Valve). Our company has a field experienced and strong technical team, and also committed to the development of stringent complex working condition control valve, to solve high pressure, corrosion, flash, erosion, large differential pressure and a series of technical problems.

Our company is committed to providing users with international competitiveness of high quality product and comprehensive technical services in oil and refinery, petrochemical, coal chemical, fine chemical, metallurgy and so on.

Company Culture

SUPCON’S mission:

Make work and life easier

SUPCON’S vision:

Leave a deep footprint upon Chinese development

SUPCON’S core values:

Creating value for our customers, persist in struggle and innovation,

respect-work and integrity, and striving for excellence.

SUPCON Fluid’s Objective:

To become a first-class intelligent control valve and solution provider

The company is specialized in producing bellows single-seat control valve, Double seated valve, Cryogenic control valve and soon

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