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Zhejiang qmo enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang qmo enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang qmo enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang qmo enterprise Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive international trading and service enterprise. Which It's integrating the production of water pump, mechanical and electrical products and import and export trading activites. It has several subsidiary factories, such as  Zhejiang Lingmu Pump Industry Co., Ltd, Shanghai People Pump Factory Co.Ltd, Zhejiang Shennong Pumps Co.LTD, Wenling City Daxi Changming water pump accessories warehouse.In which the company has great advantages at research and development, production, and trading perspectives.  

The company cooperates with hundreds of local enterprises and factories, and also established a resource sharing system. With great production and unified procurment abilities,the company committed to the global market through intergrated supply chain management. It provides water pump, motor, weliding machine,air compressor, other mechanical and electircal products production and sales services for customers with a complete quality conrol system, in order to satisfied customer's needs. Moreover, the accurate market information is not only used to ensure the continuous and stable product supply, but it also helps with the ability of product optimization and innovation.

Corporate objectives: To be professional, honest, customer-trusted brand supplie

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Address: Zhejiang Taizhou Wenling city Wen qiao town Industrial park No.1 road

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