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Stargroup Research & Integration Co., Ltd.

Stargroup Research & Integration Co., Ltd.

Stargroup Research & Integration Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Located in Beijing Economy Development Area, Stargroup Research & Integration Co., was founded in the year of 2003 with a total registered capital of 112.2 million. As a hi-tech enterprise in the field of intelligent equipment, we are committed to providing turn - key technical solutions for metal strip surface processing lines including: COLOR COATING LINES, GALVANIZING / GALVALUMN LINES, PICKLING LINES, DECREASING LINES, ect.

Since its establishment, SRI has kept diversifying its sale channels and expanding the business at home and abroad. Now we have designed, erected and commissioned nearly two hundred production lines, situated across China and in many other countries.

Nationwide, over the past two decades, Stargroup Research &Integration Co., Ltd. guided by the philosophy "CREATE MAXIMUM VALUE FOR CLIENTS" have offered in total 120 color coating lines and been widely recognized for our advanced technology, reliable equipment and stable performance.

SRI owns numerous customers like Bao Steel, Tianjin Xinyu, HBIS, Anyang Shenlong and Jingye Group, and establishes a good brand image in the industry.

To answer the call of the Belt & Road initiative strategy, SRI products are constantly rushing out of Asia and into the world. Now SRI offers high quality equipment to India, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries.

As SRI grows and expands, we successively founded Stargroup Robot & Intelligence Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Star Molecular Materials Technologies Co., Ltd., StarRank Integration Co., Ltd. StarRing Integration Co., Ltd., Heibei XingDing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hebei XingYi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and the Research Institute of Stargroup Research & Integration Co., Ltd., which together will offer exciting possibilities for SRI’s advance.

From a little spark may burst a flame; openness and harmony lead to prosperity.

Innovation, inclusiveness and win-win are the principles we are ever true to.

Dedicating ourselves to our work, Stargroupers will, as always, prioritize the product quality and brand image, as a way to fulfill our dreams and usher in a bright future.

Stargroup Research & Integration Co., Ltd.

Contact Information:


E-mail: international@bjsri.cn

Tel.: +86 10 6785 7721

Fax: +86 10 6785 7721

Mod.: +86 130 1096 8223

Address: 4th Floor, Yichuang Park, No.6 Rongchang East Street, BDA,beijing, China

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