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Shandong NiuShang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Shandong NiuShang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Shandong NiuShang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Shandong NiuShang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Shandong NiuShang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. located in Yandian Industrial Park, Linqing City, Shandong Province, is a modern company, newshang advocates delicacy and perfection, newshang pursues excellence and reliability, and gives users a feeling of integrity. The company is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and more than 800 kinds of non-standard bearings such as clutch separation bearings, air conditioning wheels, universal joints, tensioning wheels and so on. Sales, can create the industry, is China's development of clutch separation bearing varieties most enterprises. We have more scientific research achievements and patented technology, with rich practical experience. The company integrates advanced management concept, design concept and quality concept into every process of product manufacturing. The factory has an annual capacity of 1.5 million sets of separation bearings, 500,000 sets of tensioner bearings, 1 million sets of cross shafts, 300,000 sets of air conditioning wheels and 500,000 sets of other kinds of bearings. The market is mainly for export, and the quality is mainly in high-grade positioning. The models involve Japanese cars, American cars, European cars and Korean cars, and customers throughout the countries and regions of Europe, the United States, South Korea and the Middle East. The company is fully equipped with the design, testing, management and production capacity of batch supporting parts, among which the highly difficult automatic adjustment tensioning wheel bearing and timing gauge bearing are our strong products. Our product positioning: the development of high quality, long life, our price positioning: the domestic market price is medium level, our quality positioning: the host accessories more than 80,000 kilometers (or 2 years), welcome the global auto parts buyers to email and wechat phone to discuss cooperation!

Tapered Roller Bearing Manufacturer

NiuShang offers a full range of tapered roller bearings that are recommended for demanding operational applications. In these cases, tapered roller bearings can improve overall product performance. Tapered bearings are capable of withstanding radial and thrust loads and can withstand some tilting movements.
In addition to the standard options, customised tapered roller bearings are also available. Our experts can work with you to determine the exact requirements of your application and custom design a solution to suit your design needs.


Our tapered roller bearings have a number of beneficial features.
Separable design of single row tapered roller bearings
The load applied to the tapered roller bearing is transmitted at an angle of contact
Products can be supplied in hardened materials. Case carburised products are available for special cases
Tapered roller bearings are commonly available with angles between 10 - 16 degrees (some tapered designs can be supplied with angles of 30 degrees)
Products are produced to normal tolerance class (PN)
Cage material made from pressed steel

Tapered roller bearings can be used in a wide range of applications in many markets, including

Agricultural equipment
Gearboxes and industrial clutches
Oil and gas
Steel Mills
Rail & Transport
Wind energy

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E-mail: 343242985@qq.com

Mod.: +86 134 5507 5579

WeChat: +86 134 5507 5579

Address: No.6, Xinsha 2nd Street, Xinsha Industrial Park, Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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