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Renqiu Fengfeng Mold Factory

Renqiu Fengfeng Mold Factory

Renqiu Fengfeng Mold Factory



Fengfeng mold factory Founded in 1993. is located in Renqiu, Hebei province, adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, and has a good geographical location and convenient points. Our company is specialized in the development, production of diamond and tungsten carbide drawing die modernization enterprise.

Our company has CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, CNC EDM machine, CNC Cutting Machine, Milling Andam Drilling Machine, etc. We also have various types testing equipment, such as Rockwell Hardness Tester, Projector, 3D Image Measuring Instrument, etc. using high-quality tungsten carbide material and professional vacuum heat treatment.

Our company main Products: screw mold; Tooth plate; Machine wire tooth plate; Sharp tail tooth plate; Drill tail mould; Fine blanking. Ordinary cross finishing blanking; Plum blossom fine blanking; Rice word fine punching; Grinding hexagonal fine blanking; Square cross fine blanking; Cold-flow model; General straight hole main die; Triangular principal module; Hexagonal trimming die; Japanese-style fine punching sleeve; A rush; Scissors; Cut the bottom; Thimble. It can be widely used in steel structure fasteners, standard parts, electroacoustic, electronics, steel, machinery, hardware, petroleum, chemical industry and other fields and industries.

Over the years, always adhere to the "excellent quality, service first" corporate purposes, the customer's needs and satisfaction as the core of business activity, in order to "pragmatic, unity, innovation, strives for perfection" the management idea, strengthen the quality guideline of "quality is the enterprise life", the implementation of quality management system, the practice of "people-oriented, integrity connaught, quick" service concept,Create excellent corporate culture, establish a good corporate image, better service to the majority of customers!


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E-mail: 15833378820@163.com

Tel.: +86 317 2875 208

Fax: +86 317 2875 207

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Whatsapp: +86 187 1378 0992

Address: Dali Zhuang Village, Beihan Township, Renqiu City, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province

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