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Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd.

Located at Zaozhuang city Shandong province, which is the midway between Beijing and shanghai ,close to Qingdao port, Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co, Ltd. has been focusing on manufacturing machine tools for more than 20 years. This is an integrated manufactory company which includes design, machining, assembly, installation, commissioning and after-sales service. With a long time experience on exporting machines, We are specialized in servicing international customers, and in particular, familiar with the quality standards from different countries. This enables us to supply to our costumers consistent high quality products, as well as providing an excellent customer service. Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co, Ltd is your ideal cooperative partner, with our continuing growth through dedicating ourselves to our costumer’s growth.


· Dealing directly with the manufacture- no middle man!
 · The most competitive pricing in the market.
· High quality control standerds, such as ISO, CE
· Guaranteed delivery time.
· Prompt attention to the customer inquiries.
· Diverse services for your needs, including sourcing other machinery, inspection goods for you by our engineers, product process tracking and good delivery.

· Research and Development to meet the customer and the market needs

Product range:

1.Plano miller – Series CNC Plano Miller, Series Plano Milling Machine, Series Gantry Milling Machine, Series Planer Milling machine
2. Series Conventional milling Machine & Milling/Drilling Machine
 3. Series Guideway Grinding machine
 4. Drilling Machien:Series CNC Drilling Machine, Series Radial Drilling Machine, Series Vertical Drilling Machine
 5. Hydraulic Press:Series Gantry Hydraulic Press, Series C-Type Hydraulic Press, Series Hydraulic Bend
 6. Riveting Machine: Series Hydraulic Riveting Machine pneumatic Riveting Machine
 7. Light slotting machine & slotting head
 8. Garage equipments: Series Cylinder boring Machine Cylinder honing machine, Series Brake Drum Boring Machine & Brake Lathe/Brake Drum(Disc) Cutting Machine
 9. Bench Grinder & Vertical Grinding Machine
 10. Series Arbor press
 11. Accessories like Vice, Angle Clamp, Slotting Head, DRO, Dividing Head, Rotary Table, Grinding wheel balancer, Universal Boring Head, Clamp kits, etc

Research and Development:

Our products are based on research and development to ensure the customer needs and the changing market needs.

Quality Control:

Quality control is key principle for Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co, Ltd. Our manufacturing has adopted modernized ISO Quality Management Systems, sound operational procedures as well as effective product and customer service system. These systems ensure all products produced under very strict quality control, to maintain our high standards to ensure your ongoing success from using our product.

Quality guarantee period:

We guarantee all our products to be defect free for one year from the date of purchase. Our after sale service will cover any issues that may occur promptly.


We have professional technicians to provide on going support for the customers, during and after the guarantee period. We attend your requests including large-type CNC machine tools installation and adjustment , the spare parts distribution, quality modifying, maintainess, price inquiry, delivery time checking. The feedback to you will be within 24 hours.

Special order:

With our extensive experience in this industry, we are in the best position to meet our customer’s need, both for normal standard commodities and special orders. We guarantee to have the best price for your product based upon your detail requirements.

Factory Tour:

Factory Tour

Foreign Photo:

Foreign Photo

Contact Information:


E-mail: info@makemachinetools.com

Tel.: +86 632 511 5110

Fax: +86 632 511 5112

Mod.: +86 189 0632 5332

Skype: +86 189 0632 5332

Whatsapp: +86 189 0632 5332


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