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Hebei Right Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Hebei Right Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Hebei Right Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

The profile and development philosophy of The Right international Corporation


RIGHT International was founded in early 2015, the company is located in Guangyang district, Langfang city, Hebei province, China. Assembly plant has 2000 square meters, enterprise team of 150 employees, production and processing enterprises of corrugated cardboard packaging and printing equipment. Sets the top-level Assembly engineer at domestic and abroad, electrical engineers, mechanical designer, famous enterprises and high-tech management of research and development personnel. Now our main products have High speed automatic production line for corrugated cardboard, Automatic production line for corrugated flexo printing, Automatic production line for flat - die - cutting machine, and Automatic lamachine, Nailing machine, Glue box packaging machines and so on.

In recent years, my company mainly to solicit sales agents model for promotion and sales, now Has covered more than 20 countries and regions around the world. The main agents are from France, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Poland, Russia, India, Pakistan, South Korea, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentinian, Chile, Peru and so on.

Sales concept

Our sales concept as a "Customer-first, Service-oriented" Sales philosophy, the highest reasonable for the customer value system, provide an Application Products from the factory design, layout, installation, on the rationing of raw materials to provide the best solution.Meanwhile, RIGHT International has matured comprehensive service concept, from the Consulting - visiting - Orders production - Delivery, and then to the different phases of the product after-sales service, adhere to the meticulous, nuanced thought of service, As responsible for customers, responsible for products.

Management concept

Management concept We to create the maximum value of customers as a benchmark, to create professional, international production, sales, service as an integrated team. To provide a good working environment for employees, strengthen training mechanisms, and active performance appraisal system. Pay attention to the growth of employees. Our company firmly believes that respect for the value of employees, is the way out of the company's development, as a person can have a sense of belonging, a sense of honor is the driving force of the company's development.

Company Culture

We pursue the self highest value, with enthusiasm, sincere and candid manner, in an effort to love, unity, inclusive work environment. RIGHT international committed to build a love, grateful team. Money is not the purpose of knowledge, leave your footprints become the greatest significance of life. Environment is not success conditions, Heart's desire is what we decided the elements of life.

Contact Information:


E-mail: jack@sinorightpack.com

Tel.: +86 316 2618 009

Mod.: +86 182 2254 3168

Whatsapp: 86 182 2254 3168

Address: B-2003 Room,Zheshang building, Guangyang District, Langfang City, Hebei Province, China

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