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Hebei Lebon Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Hebei Lebon Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Hebei Lebon Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Hebei Lebon Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.


LEBON Machinery is a sheet metal surface treatment equipment manufacturing company, Lebon is a supplier of metal surface treatment and metal deep processing.


Lebon Stainless Main Products

The main products include metal surface (stainless steel, alloy, aluminum and titanium) grinding production line, named buffing machine or polishing machine, stainless steel 8K mirror polishing production line as well as full-automatic production lines, such as cutting, slitting and decoiler–recoiler machine. Since the establishment of the company, through unremitting efforts, we have exported to 58 countries and established a perfect after-sales system in the form of local self-construction or cooperation to ensure after-sales service for metal processing manufactures.


Lebon Technology Research & Honor

Lebon invests more than than 5% of sales budget in R & D every year. So far, Lebon has obtained 18 National Invention Patents and developed China's pioneer coil-to-coil Oil No.4 & Hairline grinding machine production line, Scotch Brite with vibrating machine. Moreover, we have conquered the acid-free mirror polishing technology of stainless steel, which is a break-through invention in the metal grinding industry.


Lebon Machinery Aims & Scope

Adhering to the business philosophy of the company, "LEBON machinery is more low carbon and environmentally friendly, energy-saving and intelligent". Lebon have constructed the company's core competitiveness and created value for customers through the implementation of strategies, such as open innovation, excellent operation management and human resource development, so as to achieve the long-term goal of leading the field of metal surface processing and manufacturing technology.

About Us

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E-mail: susan.sun@lebonstainless.com

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Address: Room 2305, Unit1, Maoye Center, No1, Chaoyang South Street, Dongfeng Road Subdistrict Office, Jingxiu District, Baoding, Hebei, China

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