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Guangzhou Quanju Ozone Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Quanju Ozone Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Quanju Ozone Technology Co., Ltd.

Our Company(ISO certificated)

QUANJU OZONE TECHNOLOGY is a world recognized innovative brand that provides a complete range of ozone generator and related ozone products, solutions and systems for treating air and water in various industrial and public utility applications.

We have compiled over 12 years of experience and know-how from designing, manufacturing and commissioning advanced ozone solutions and systems, in order to develop the most efficient and sustainable applications that not only solve the problem of our customers, but also create real business value, as well as lower the environmental impact of their business.


Our Factory

QUANJU's factory covers an area of 5000 square meters with over 100 workers, located in Guangzhou, near to Baiyun International Airport. As a global supplier in the ozone generator and related products, QUANJU is to provide best quality machine and service for customers around the world.


Our Products(with CE, Rohs certificate)

QUANJU Ozone Technology mainly supply the below:

● 0.5g-50kg ozone generator system

● 3-1000LPM oxygen generator

● Compact ozone water machine

● Car ozone generator

● Ozone accessories


Product Application

Ozone generator is widely used in the following industry:

● Water treatment industry, such as drinking water treatment, pool water treatment, aquaculture water treatment, waste water treatment and etc.

● Air treatment industry, such as workshop sterilization, room air disinfection, odor removal, and etc.


Production Equipment

We manufacture the ozone machine from nothing to complete system, with laser cutting facility, puncher, bending facility, shearing facility and etc.


Our service

Besides our existing ozone system, we can also produce customized ozone system according to the drawings and requirements or sample from our customers. We provide lifetime technical support for our clients! If any questions, feel free to contact ozone@ozonemade.com.


Guangzhou Quanju Ozone Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact Information:


E-mail: ozone@ozonemade.com

Tel.: +86 020 3613 3629

Mod.: +86 131 2642 7579

WeChat: QuanjuOzone

Whatsapp: +86 131 2642 7579

Address: No.2, Hualong Road, Donghua Industrial Zone, Renhe, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, 510000,China.

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