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Guangzhou EACO electric equipments Co., Ltd

Guangzhou EACO electric equipments Co., Ltd

Guangzhou EACO electric equipments Co., Ltd


Guangzhou EACO electric equipments Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in developing and manufacturing professional welding machines and plasma cutters, which is formerly known as Guangzhou FENGHUO industrial co., Ltd. In 2008, EACO electric relocated at Guangzhou Conghua Economic and Techno-logical Development Zone and expanded the floor area to 4000m2. Meanwhile our company became a member of ALL-CHINA FEDERATION OF INDUSTRY & COMMERCE, selected as executive member of China Welding Association, and became the member of the Welding Machine Industry Quality Network.


Starting producing and serving market with high quality welding equipment from 1987, it is a nearly 30 years development progress since the first generation of magnetic saturation argon are welding machines up to nowadays digit-controlled platform for professional applications, and we have been committed to serving the auto-motive, aerospace, shipbuilding bridge, steel, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other industries and overseas professional users with every effort all the time.

Plasma Cutting Machines

EACO electric has been keeping close cooperation with colleges, professional users and authorities in deeper welding applications and technology developments, and gradually developing more precise, more stable, more efficient welding and cutting equipment and got a number of advanced technology patents.

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E-mail: export@eacoelectric.com

Tel.: +86 20 37922343

Fax: +86 20 3792 2441

Address: No.4 Longdong Rd, Conghua Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou, China

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