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Dongguan AoQiTe Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan AoQiTe Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan AoQiTe Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Aoqite Automation is located in Changping Town, Dongguan City, that is an international manufacturing base. It has 20 years of experience and service team in the automated production line technology after hollow blow molding industry. Over the years, we have served thousands of well-known hollow container manufacturers and HDPE, PET, PP, PS blow molding suppliers at home and abroad.


The main products are: container precision leak detector, full/semi-automatic empty bottle bagging machine, full/semi-auto empty bottle stacking palletizer, full/semi-auto empty bottle carton machine, automatic empty bottle unpacking machine, PET bottle picking machine, empty Bottle visual inspection machine, automatic cap liner instering machine,cap assembly machine, flow packing machine, vacuum forming machine, and other nonstandard automatic equipment.


Aoqite's automation business philosophy is to turn every bottle blowing factory into an unmanned factory, with one-stop service for testing and packaging. It has provided quality assurance and reduced labor costs for well-known domestic and foreign brand containers. Customers include Shell, BP, Caltex, Megan, P&G, Sinopec, PetroChina, Arowana, Haitian, Yili, Mengniu, Liby, Unilever, Blue Moon, Shenxin, and other well-known domestic and foreign brands.


The company's business philosophy is service first, quality assurance!


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E-mail: aqtmachinelily@foxmail.com

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Address: Number 9, Sudong Round, Sudong Village, Changing Town, Guangdong Province, China

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