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Chongqing Hopu Filtration Plant Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Hopu Filtration Plant Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Hopu Filtration Plant Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Hopu Filtration Plant Manufacture Co., Ltd.


Chongqing HOPU Filtration Plant Manufacture Co.,ltd is a new and high-tech joint-stock enterprise established on the basis of HOPU Oil Purifier Factory and HOPU Oil Tester Factory. We have three workshops located in different industrial park, which allow you to choose the most customizable model, best suited for your application needs.


Our Products:

1. Oil Filtration and Purification Equipment

Designed to remove contamination (water, particulate,gas, varnish, color, Acid or PH Reduction.etc) from a wide variety of fluids, including: Dirty Oil Filtration designs and manufactures the latest in cutting edge filtration systems. We specialize in the filtration and purification of Hydrocarbon based fluids such as Transformer oil, Insulation oil, Cable Oil, Turbine Lube Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Compressor Oil, Gear Oil, Light, Heavy Fuel Oils, Fire Retardant Hydraulic Fluids, Dielectric - Transformer Fluids, Heat Transfer Fluids, Gasoline, Solvents and Many Fluid Chemicals.


2. Oil Testing Unit

Specially for oil analysis device and high voltage transformer test equipment research and manufacturing


3. Oil filter element

Oil Filter Core elements for different oil purifier, customized dimensions are accepted

We also maintain an extensive inventory of service parts for oil filtration plant, including vacuum pump,oil pump,motor,pipes,connectors and so on. We are your partner for the entire product life cycle with an extensive product portfolio and customized service and spare parts solutions.

Our products are widely used in power electric,power station,power transmission, metallurgical, petrochemical, mechanical, military industry, railway, paper and pulp mill,injection moulding plant,compressor factory,gear and turbine factory,and other industries. Our products enjoy a fairly big market share and have become famous brand in medium- and high-grade oil treatment equipment.


HOPU's Service

R&D,installation,marketing,selling,technical support of HOPU brand oil filtration plant,oil testers,and parts.Customized designs and specs are accepted.HOPU understands the challenges and difficulties faced by customers with responsibility for establishing cost-effective, environmentally-acceptable liquid and gas processing and recovery programs.  HOPU offers in-house or on-site training with all of our equipment sold.  We also work with our customers to assist in the development stage to offer consultation to ensure the customer gets exactly the right equipment they need.

HOPU has a team of fully trained service technicians that can travel around the world to offer service and support for all of our equipment.


HOPU Vision

Continually provide competitive advantages packed with incredible value to produce systems that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.


HOPU Mission

Our objective is to Design, Manufacture and Deliver the most modern, highest quality filtration equipment ever built. This objective combined with great service and attitude towards the customers we serve, will expand and grow the current filtration market. Our efficient designs, integrated with maximum use of technology, will enable our customers to quickly gain control of complex filtration problems, while increasing their equipment’s reliability and ultimately producing them greater revenue generation.


Chongqing Hopu Filtration Plant Manufacture Co., Ltd.

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