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Botou TongYong Bellows Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Botou TongYong Bellows Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Botou TongYong Bellows Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Botou TongYong Bellows Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Xihuan Industrial Park, Botou City, Hebei Province. Since its establishment in 2004, it has been committed to metal corrugated compensators, non-metallic compensators, expansion joints, pipeline expansion joints, Ventilation butterfly valve, Metal hose, Star type unloader, Rubber joint, Sleeve compensator, Pipeline Filter, valves and pipe fittings and other products Development and production.

The company refers to the relevant regulations of the EJMA standard and develops and produces in accordance with the GB/T12777-2008 standard. Design and produce products of various specifications and models according to different working conditions. Using hydraulic one-step molding technology, the size is accurate, the surface is clean, the product has the advantages of compact structure, reliability, good interchangeability, no leakage, easy installation, and long service life. With its excellent quality, it is widely used in metallurgy, thermal energy, electric power, construction and other fields, and is highly praised and praised by users.

Adhere to factory direct sales, reduce intermediate links, benefit customers, and win-win with integrity! The products are professional and high-quality, and good after-sales service, so that customers can be more at ease!

All employees will uphold the service tenet of "Users are God, quality and reputation are the life of the company", and produce high-quality products to meet customer needs. Choose TongYong,rest assured to use!

Botou TongYong Bellows Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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E-mail: botoutongyong@163.com

Fax: +86 317 818 2265

Mod.: +86 155 3288 3866

Skype: +86 155 328 3866

Whatsapp: 86 155 328 3866

Address: Botou City Bo Fu Road, Bali Village Bridge West

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